Guiding principles

Forward-looking consultancy for local SMEs

With us here in East Westphalia it is often the owner-run SMEs who with their flexibility ensure a strong economy, jobs and hence the future of the region.

The more an SME grows, the more significant and complex do tax and economic issues become. As an auditing and tax consultancy firm, we at Tomik + Partner offer a range of services tailored to owner-run companies in the tax and business consultancy field, as well as auditing.

We at Tomik + Partner provide continuous support of our clients from a partner who has their interests at heart and a manageable number of staff. We feel that a comprehensive knowledge of our clients’ business activities as well as of their personal and economic context are the best foundations for focussed consultancy.

Furthermore, we aim to stand by our clients with the greatest efficiency in all questions of accounting and document administration, developing and introducing leaner and secure processes. This leaves our clients leeway for the important things.

We aim to be available for you on an equal footing, clear, easily available and ready to give you efficient support in solving the questions you face.