Digital bookkeeping

Secure digital working

Technological progress, our know-how in the IT field and intensive cooperation with DATEV, the market leader in the field of tax consultancy software have enabled us in recent years to continuously improve procedures in financial accounting as well as wage and salary calculation.

  • Many of our bookkeeping clients now send us their documents digitally via a secure internet connection (FIBU digital). Our experienced specialists perform the bookings at our end. Sending paper documents back and forth in a swing file is no longer necessary.
  • Both office and client have access to the herewith created document archive, which avoids later queries.
  • Bookkeeping can thus be continuously updated with us. The end of month accounts can often be prepared at the start of the following month.
  • Based on the currency of the digital client connection we can, for example, prepare reminders and payment suggestions for our clients every week.
  • We receive account statements for our clients in digital form from the banks. Scanned documents are prepared by an OCR module.
  • Our clients can pre-draft payroll reporting data themselves if they wish, using an internet interface specially preconfigured for them. Review and processing is then done by our wage team.
  • We can provide evaluations for our clients via a well-secured DATEV internet portal, so that sending and storing of evaluations is no longer necessary.
  • To optimise checking procedures we also offer our clients a digital personnel file as well as
  • an encrypted data exchange for maximum safeguard of the digital processes.



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