10 important differences

10 important differences

The core element of the relationship between an entrepreneur and tax consultant is personal trust. Further framework requirements allow a tax consultancy to excel. On the following pages, we will point out the important aspects of how we are organised. Each individual aspect differentiates us from many other firms. The personalities of our consultants and the total of the points to follow are what gives Tomik + Partner its individuality.




1 Greater understanding of business

Understanding the business concerns of our clients is key to Tomik + Partner. This focus on business, combined with the many years of experience acquired by our consultants, ensures that tax and business issues are solved cohesively. It is only with an understanding of a company’s business background that priorities can be correctly set in the planning consultancy.

All our consultants have a relevant academic educational background, primarily a business administration background, with some also qualified as Auditors.

2 Small enough and big enough at the same time



Tomik + Partner is not an anonymous branch of a group of consultancies but independent and small enough to guarantee SME clients personal service for many decades. At the same time, the range of professionals and the entire team is large enough so that special projects can be dealt with intensively. Also, our size allows the degree of specialisation out of one hand that is required today.

3 Planning consultancy with implementation assistance

We often gain entrepreneurs as clients who want more than a mere dealing with the past from their tax consultant. Active consulting is primarily future-orientated.

Each year, we assist projects in the field of company succession as well as in establishing and restructuring companies. This requires relevant technical and personal capacities, which we have systematically acquired in recent years.

Here are some example projects from 2013 and 2014:

  • Transfer of extensive business assets by way of anticipated succession using the 100% preferential treatment for business assets
  • Support of our clients in bank financing for volumes in the lower six digit figures up to several million euros, partly including the creation of integrated corporate plans and the inclusion of public funding
  • Establishment of numerous companies, in particular the legal forms of GmbH and GmbH & Co. KG
  • Assisting our clients in the purchase of SMEs with approx. 30 employees from due diligence, structuring and financing through to implementation
  • Development of double-tiered structures in groups of companies
  • Numerous conversions for tax and liability optimised changes in legal form

4 Fully digitalised accounting for you

Financial accounting, annual accounts, tax declarations and human resources are the bread-and-butter business for most tax consultancies. We do more than simply carry out these tasks in isolation for our clients. Optimising the interfaces to our clients and ensuring fully digital processes are important to us in order to avoid friction losses and increase the added value for our clients.

This means…

  • We have processed digital documents for our clients for many years, we no longer exchange paper via files. In 2015, we will be converting all our accounting to digital document processing. Paper documents are either scanned at our clients’ companies or by us.
  • Our clients have full access to their accounting documents and analyses as well as all wage evaluations via the highly secure DATEV platform “Unternehmen online”.
  • Our clients can manage all their payment transactions via “Unternehmen online” or locally installed DATEV software and, upon request, also manage customer and article master databases as well as create invoices. Cash management is also far easier online than in paper form.
  • We update our clients’ accounts upon request, weekly or more frequently. Daily evaluations are available for the dunning process or liquidity planning.
  • We have clearly structured our service with our service catalogue “Digital accounting 2015/2016”. In all the areas related to accounting, in addition to our service bundles Compact, Comfort and Premium, we also offer individual modules so that we can customise the best solution for individual cases. We look forward to making you a personal offer and discussing it with you!

5 Tax and asset administration for the family


It goes without saying that we prepare the annual income tax declarations for our clients and check their assessments, adjust prepayments as well as undertake correspondence with the tax authorities.

Now more and more clients are thinking about their pensions as well as providing for emergencies such as illness, incapacity to work or death. We will be pleased to assist you in creating a customised “emergency planning file” and will advise you on all the financial and tax aspects of your planning questions.

We are currently developing the area of private asset management. Here we actively assist our clients, upon request, in the management of private assets and will assist with trustee activities such as the execution of a will.

6 Road shows for entrepreneurs

Providing clients with fast-track comprehensive information is a core feature of Tomik + Partner. In addition to an individualised newsletter, the “Impulses for your business year” informative evenings, that we have organised since 2002, provide our clients with useful knowledge for actively planning their future. In recent years, we welcomed more than 100 visitors at our year-end events.

7 Transparent fees from start to finish

With the introduction of our new accounting service catalogue as from spring 2015, we will be completely parting ways with the nontransparent Tax Consultant Remuneration Ordinance applicable to our company clients and will replace it with clear fee agreements made in advance with our clients. This creates transparency and certainty. Upon request, we will offer our clients the opportunity of paying for recurring services in equal monthly down payments so that they can better plan their cash flow.

8 High efficiency with consistent use of IT


and thus a key success factor. Tomik + Partner invest in new technologies that promote productivity and mobility early on. The task is to accelerate the flow of data, the objective is to shorten information cycles. A main concern for us is also to generate new synergies for our clients and our tax firm by sustainably reducing the administrative expense.

  • A digital document management system (DMS) that we have implemented since 2006 reduces pathways and accelerates the flow of information.
  • Digital client connection: Using an advanced Internet-based platform (DATEV Unternehmen online©) our clients and our tax firm can work with a common stock of documents
  • Many clients use the DATEV systems supported by ourselves for their local accounting processes at their companies
  • Server virtualisation for maximum system reliability: The latest technology ensures highest availability and lower administration costs
  • E-mail encryption ensures confidentiality: On request by our clients, we can send confidential documents and information digitally in encrypted form
  • It goes without saying that we use all the options for digitally connecting to the tax authorities (participation in the allocation process, assessment data transmission, proxy database, tax account online and many more)

We rely on our in-house IT competency and have dedicated an entire department only for IT tasks – distributed across three employees – who have sound IT knowledge in addition to a tax qualification. This ensures that we are able to meet the requirements of our clients for individual interfaces.

9 Certified quality assurance

In 2013, our tax consultancy department was certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 by TÜV Nord. Our quality assurance system in the field of auditing is regularly subjected to a review by an independent reviewer in the context of quality control, so-called “peer review”. Based on this certification, we are entitled to conduct the annual financial statement and consolidated financial statement audits prescribed by law.

The practical focus of our quality assurance measures is, however, not to obtain external certifications by meeting certain formal requirements but to effectively assist our employees in their daily work.

For this purpose, we have developed a comprehensive electronic QA handbook, which details the work steps for recurring work. From such a process description a checklist is generated on a case-by-case basis, which is modified to the specific circumstances of the individual case.

The department heads are responsible for the internal update of the QA Handbook. With regular process-related feedback from employees, we are able to continually improve through optimised process descriptions. Our clients’ individual requirements are documented in the checklists and are thus also considered in every representation.

The following quotes are taken from the audit report of WeRo Consulting GmbH & Co. KG, Siegen, dated 24/09/2014 (re-certification of DIN EN ISO 9001, Reviewer: Dipl.-Kfm. Gerd Otterbach):

“A great deal of passion and very open and trusting interactions of all employees among themselves can be seen in the company. In addition, they are well educated and committed, and there is truly a good working atmosphere on the whole.

The living system corresponds to the approach of TQM. A number of quality assurance measures ensure a high degree of process reliability and client-focused provision of all services.”

10 Strong industry and regional network

With our team we cover a wide range in tax consulting and auditing. On request, we assist our clients comprehensively or assume overall management responsibility for complex tasks.

If you require legal or notarial assistance, or if you require assistance for special topics, we can access a broad network of contacts through which we can gather specialist know-how for our clients in individual cases.